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We serve all sectors of conference and media technology and are among the market leaders in simultaneous, interpreting and multilingual events.

We always try to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our fair and cooperative approach is the guarantee for your successful project and the strategic basis of our long-term success.


We do not bite. And we don't annoy – well, sometimes we do. Now and then. Rarely. Almost never.


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10 good reasons for PCS


PCS is the quality provider for conference technology

Since 1995, PCS has been the expert in interpreting systems, discussion systems, guide systems, voting systems and conference technology. We offer you reliable planning, professional solutions and the most careful order execution. Service is always a top priority for us.

With more than 1,500 international conferences and fixed installations hosted annually, PCS is one of the largest service providers in the industry worldwide.


PCS offers full service in all areas of conference technology

  1. Conference equipment rental
  2. Installation and integration of conference technology and media systems
  3. Distribution of conference and AV media technology
  4. Support events
  5. Special designs, maintenance and repairs
  6. Training and service for interpreters


PCS relies on qualified personnel

We have only highly qualified personnel working for us. Our team consists of experts in the audio and video industry: engineers, master event technicians, master electricians, programmers and event technicians.

We are a training company and continuously train our team – from event technology specialist to business administrator to master craftsman. We train external employees, technicians and interpreters at four locations in Germany. This also makes us a leader in the industry when it comes to employee qualifications.


PCS operates sustainably

All our devices are expected to be extremely reliable and durable, and they must be economical in terms of weight, materials and power consumption. The future of our multimedia technology is green and intelligent. In fixed installations, the possibilities of high-quality, energy-saving solutions through modern control units are enormous.

In addition, we also rely on sustainable solutions at our own operating sites. Our vehicle fleet is designed for CO2-reduced emissions, and with our branch network we keep travel distances to a necessary minimum.


PCS distributes manufacturer-independent

We were able to win over the relevant manufacturers of conference technology and distribute a range of products that is unique in Europe. Our repertoire is enhanced by custom-made products and individual solutions "Made by PCS". We are distributors for Sennheiser, Bosch, Beyerdynamic, Televic, Audipack, Panasonic, Shure, Crestron, AMX and many more.


PCS is fast and flexible

PCS is steadily expanding its branch network in Germany. You can currently find us in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Heilbronn. With over 30 permanent employees in the areas of scheduling, planning, project execution and field service, we respond promptly to your inquiries and requests. Our extensive range of technology allows us to carry out several demanding productions in parallel and to react professionally to the unexpected.


PCS is active worldwide

We serve clients in Madrid, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow and everywhere else in the world. The international conference business is a challenge that we gladly take on with heart and soul.


PCS offers seamlessly tested operational reliability

Every deployment of PCS is board-proof. We are accustomed to meeting the highest demands at any time, at any location, and to ensuring smooth operations. Anyone who delivers more cheaply than we do will find it difficult to comply with the required and relevant regulations and safety guidelines. This includes, among other things, the necessary repeat tests of electrical equipment according to DGUV 3 and VDE 0701/0702, the fulfillment of DGUV 17, BGI 810 and DIN 15750.


PCS is committed

PCS advocates for the interests of interpreters, meeting facility operators, technicians and on-site managers. We work closely with interpreters' associations and are active in the Association for Media and Event Technology.

We are committed to perfect communication – beyond the boundaries of our work, and if you do not understand our conference jargon, you can find help at: www.konferenztechnik.de/lexikon


PCS is innovative

We are aware that we can only meet the requirements of the future with a high level of technical competence. PCS was the first German company to use radio simultaneous technology, developed new interpreting systems with Beyerdynamic that are precisely tailored to the needs of interpreters, is firmly involved in research and development with manufacturers such as Bosch, Shure and Sennheiser, and sits at the table in DIN and ISO standardization committees.

The quality and application possibilities of conference technology are constantly and rapidly increasing. PCS contributes to this development in Germany and also with cooperations worldwide.


Customer satisfaction

Our maxim of customer satisfaction is so self-evident for us that it is not regularly listed in our top ten: We always try to satisfy our customers' needs in the best possible way. Fair and cooperative dealings with our customers, suppliers and employees are the guarantee for your successful project and the strategic basis of our long-term success.

With us, you can work in a wide variety of areas. The nice thing is that we all work together and are a great team. We respect each other, learn from each other and everyone appreciates the work of the other. Because only together can we do good work that we can live off and that strengthens our company.

With us, you can do an apprenticeship with very good prospects for the future. Just ask the many colleagues who have also completed their training here and are still doing so. We train the following professions: Event technology specialist, warehouse logistics specialist & event management.

Just contact us, we would love to work with you.

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