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We serve all sectors of conference and media technology and are among the market leaders in simultaneous, interpreting and multilingual events.

We always try to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our fair and cooperative approach is the guarantee for your successful project and the strategic basis of our long-term success.


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Book interpreters for conferences, meetings, meetings, events

Book an interpreter: Interpreter sits in interpreting booth and interprets conference.

We provide simultaneous interpreters for congresses, conferences, on-site events, remote, hybrid

Book interpreters for conferences, events, online events and more. We are your professional partner when it comes to finding first-class interpreters for your conferences, events, meetings or video conferences. We provide interpreters for almost all languages. The interpreters are specialized in conveying your message precisely and professionally.


Whether you are organizing a multilingual conference, planning an international event or simply need a reliable interpreting service to ensure smooth communication, – is here to help. We guarantee you access to highly qualified interpreting teams that perfectly match your requirements, working exclusively with professional organizing interpreters.


You can rely on us to provide you with the best interpreters to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully. Contact us today to find out more about our services and discuss your interpreting needs!

Hire interpreting equipment and event technology for your event

We also hire out all the equipment required for interpreting. Interpreter booths, Tourguide systems, Conference Receiver, Interpreting systems and of course the right Audio and video technology. We provide advice, planning, implementation and logistics for your event or conference.

Sign language interpreters translate the spoken word and all relevant acoustic information simultaneously into sign language. There are various standards such as DGS (German Sign Language) or LBG (Sign Language Accompanying Spoken Language). Please note: There is no international sign language, sign language is often country-specific and there are even regional dialects.


The trend: In terms of equality and accessibility, quality, demand and offers for sign language interpreting are increasing. Are you new to the topic of "accessibility and sign language"? We will be happy to advise you and arrange professional sign language interpreters.

Automated sign language interpreting with avatars is developing rapidly. We are not yet satisfied with the quality and do not offer it. This may change in the future, we will be happy to keep you up to date here. 

Automated language translation without disruptive time delays and in sufficient quality is seen by many – as the next big revolution, and rightly so. We are not yet using this technology, but we assume that this will change in the near future. Data protection and confidentiality issues have not yet been sufficiently clarified. Currently, AI solutions process conferences on public servers; a professional in-house solution is still lacking.


Nevertheless, we see the positive aspects of automated simultaneous interpreting where we are unable to implement current standards, for example for budgetary reasons.

The main difference between translating and interpreting lies in the medium of language:


Written languageTranslators transfer texts from one language to another.

Accuracy and stylePrecision and formal style are important.

TimeThe translation process can take longer, as the translator has to read and understand the text carefully.

AidsTranslators use various tools such as dictionaries, grammar books and translation software.


Spoken LanguageInterpreters translate the spoken word from one language to another in real time.

Language flow and cultureA natural flow of language and consideration of cultural differences are important.

TimeInterpreting is a time-critical process, as the interpreter must react immediately.

AidsInterpreters usually use interpreting technology.

Other differences:

Context: Translators have more context because they can see the entire text. Interpreters have to infer the context from what is said.

Storage: Translations are stored permanently, whereas interpreting services are volatile.

Training: Translators and interpreters require different training and qualifications.


Translate: In writing, accurate, time-consuming, text-oriented, diverse tools.

Interpreting: Oralfluent, time-critical, communication-oriented, situation-specific tools and technology

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