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A summary: Shure as a supplier of conference technology


Published: 05.05.2021

2013 marks the beginning of Shure's success story as a supplier of conference technology. At that time, Shure acquires the conference technology manufacturer DIS – Danish Interpretation Systems to strategically position itself in the conference technology market and to gain good access and corresponding know-how.


Initially, the existing discussion and interpreting technology from DIS is still being distributed. However, the development of our own conference technology is now being driven forward.


In 2015, the Microflex microphone system, which was already presented last year, will be a sales hit with us. It is an "All in One" system based on DECT. One decision in the development of the conference system has contributed significantly to the success of the system: Shure offers the software solution, with which the system can be configured, managed and controlled, free of charge. In addition, the interface and user guidance of the software are very user-friendly and modern in design, which greatly simplifies the implementation, even of larger projects – a huge selling point. PCS has been involved in the development of this system since 2012, and we are pleased and grateful that our practical experience and needs have always been taken into account in its creation.


In 2017, Shure is also strengthening our ISO committee for the ISO 20109. Here, the national and international interpreters' associations, together with the Chief Interpreters of the European Commission and manufacturers, worked out new guidelines for the quality of interpreting equipment. PCS is involved as the worldwide representative of conference equipment rental companies.


In 2018, the new discussion facility "Shure Microflex Complete" was presented. For us and many customers, the breakthrough and an absolute highlight. The biggest selling points in practice are the distinguished and simple design, the high-quality workmanship, the good display, the easy integration of PowerPoint and the performance of the battery. The wireless discussion system is impeccable, also in the other technical details. Customers increasingly expect this. Thus, it is "simply" expected that a Shure microphone is first-class or that the wireless transmission is encrypted, the battery is long-lasting... We are pleased that the system has also proven itself in terms of continuous use since 2018.

Wireless Intercom MXCW640-Shure
MXCW640 wireless microphone station with color display, our Shure highlight in rental and installation

Finally, in 2019, we will present the new interpreter console, the MXCIC interpreter console from Shure, at the BDÜ congress in Bonn, which fully complies with the recommendations of ISO 20109. We love details like the Braille markings on the controls.

Table top conference call station installation
Desktop conference call stations: MXC605-FL, MXC605-FS. Integrates elegantly into modern room designs.
Table top conference call station installation rental
Tabletop Conference Stations: MXC640 with touch screen, MXC630, MXC605

Further flexible solutions for conference rooms, meeting rooms and meetings of any size: table and ceiling microphones, control units, charging stations and much more. Without disturbing cables and visually matching modern, high-quality room concepts. The Shure Ecosystem offers solutions for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions of all types and sizes.

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