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Buy Sennheiser Tourguide 2020 D

Buy Sennheiser Tourguide at PCS Konferenztechnik

Receiver EK 2020-D-II

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The very robust, versatile bodypack receiver is
ideal for use in the areas of people guidance, conferences and hearing support: simply matching headphones
or select induction loop for the use of hearing aids with T-coil, ready! The digital signal transmission for high
Audio quality and the intuitive operating concept are unique. Volume, reception quality, battery status and reception channel
are read from a backlit LCD display. An integrated clip allows it to be worn on a shirt, belt or lanyard.

1: The backlit LCD display informs about reception channel, volume, battery status and reception quality.

2: Channel selection keys

3: Volume control

An Auto-Off function (when the transmitter is switched off or
Removing the headset) saves battery (battery life of up to 16 hours). The reception range is about 100 meters outdoors,
in closed rooms around 50 meters.

Buy Sennheiser Chinbar Tourguide at PCS Konferenztechnik

Receiver HDE 2020-D-II

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Comfortable for your listeners, the chin bar earpiece weighs
only 70 g. It is a receiver and headphones in one, without cable tangle. Listeners thus do not carry more with them than is really necessary.
The powerful battery of the handset provides up to 8 hours of operation, so even a whole day trip through
a city of culture or a large company possible. The chin strap handset turns on automatically when you put it on and take it off
and off. This saves the battery.

The reception range of the chin bar receiver is about 100 meters outdoors, indoors
Clearing about 50 meters.

Buy Sennheiser Tourguide Pocket Transmitter

SK 2020-D pocket transmitter

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The combination of pocket transmitter and headset microphone (HS 2-ew) gives you maximum freedom of movement during the tour.
You can calmly explain an object or demonstrate an object with both hands.
You can also use the transmitter's line input to bring in external audio sources – while you continue talking or
mute the microphone. The transmitter can be operated quite intuitively, the backlit display informs you about the
channel setting, the battery status and the level control for the microphone and line input. Robust is the transmitter
with its metal housing even more so.

Buy Sennheiser Tourguide Handheld Transmitter

Handheld transmitter SKM 2020-D

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The SKM 2020-D handheld microphone attenuates unwanted background noise. Its very robust transmitter is easy and convenient to operate. Via the backlit display, the transmit channel and
Battery status displayed. The rechargeable battery allows tours of up to 8 hours duration.

1: On / Off switch

2: Rotating and removable cap (to protect the controls).

3: Battery compartment

Buy Sennheiser Tourguide Accessories

Charging case EZL 2020-20-L

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Charging case that can be used as both
Storage for all the equipment serves as well as a charging station for receivers and transmitters. 20 charging slots for the
Chin bar earpiece and two charging bays for the transmitter and a spare battery are provided for this purpose.
The green "Copy" button saves a lot of work: Simply set a handset to the desired reception channel, press the button,
and all receivers used are automatically set to the same frequency and a medium volume.

Sennheiser tour guide guide system with headphones

Sennheiser Tourguide Personal Guide System Chin Bar
rate happy - 1: The backlit LCD display informs about reception channel, volume, battery status and reception quality
Fits like a glove! Take advantage of our consulting service. We will be happy to work with you to determine which guideway system meets your requirements in which setting.
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This is how you can reach us directly by phone:
[v_icon color="#a62055″ size="20px" target="_blank" name="moon-phone-2″] +49 211 737798 20
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Feel free to send inquiries via email to:
[v_icon color="#a62055″ size="20px" target="_blank" name="moon-envelop-2″] vertrieb@konferenztechnik.de

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