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Rent conference equipment Heidelberg, discussion equipment, interpreting equipment and video technology in the university city on the Neckar River.

veranstaltungstechnik heidelberg - Discussion systems, microphone units – rent, buy, install, lease
Man speaks into microphone, spectator listens with tour guide system during a tour. Rent, buy, lease personal tour systems at PCS.

Passenger guidance systems

Tour guide systems, guide systems, whispering systems or PFAs, headphones, microphones, charging units, transport cases, accessories

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Table microphone units distributed on a conference table, with gooseneck microphones

Discussion systems, microphone units – rent, buy, install, lease

Discussion systems, microphone units – rent, buy, install, lease

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Televic interpreting desk

Interpreting desks

The basic equipment of an interpreting booth includes an interpreting desk.

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two conference receivers placed on a conference table with headphones for listening to interpreted languages

Conference receiver, headphone receiver

Conference receivers for rent: Receiver and headphones for conferences with simultaneous translation

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Interpreting booth for 2 simultaneous interpreters

Interpreting booths and speaker booths

The interpreting booth is the workplace of the simultaneous interpreters

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The conference technology provider PCS supplies Heidelberg with rental equipment in the field of video, audio and simultaneous technology. In conjunction with a comprehensive range of consulting and services, PCS provides the following equipment for rent in the university city on the Neckar River, among others:

Conference and AV media technology is also used in Heidelberg for monolingual and multilingual congresses and conferences, shareholder meetings and corporate meetings or the "Round Table”. Another area of application for PCS rental equipment is city and museum tours, plant tours and cultural events. Simultaneous technology is also used at court hearings where interpreters are used. Typical venues where PCS audio, video and simultaneous technology can be used include the Heidelberg Congress Center and the Conference Center in the Technology Park.

Solid reasons to rent conference equipment


Renting conference technology is interesting for Heidelberg congress organizers, event promoters, organizing interpreters and companies of all sizes for a variety of reasons: Firstly, with rental systems, organizers can always optimally adapt the equipment to the respective requirements before each new event. PCS conference engineers are of course on hand to provide advice and support in event planning and in selecting the optimum rental systems. The services provided by PCS include, among other things, the on-time delivery and set-up of the conference equipment by PCS event technicians at the event location in Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar region. If desired, the trained staff of PCS will also be present during the event, monitor the technology and provide assistance to the participants/participants in all technical matters.

events berlin - discussion systems, microphone units – rent, buy, install, lease

Trend towards wireless discussion systems

As a brand supplier in the field of conference and AV media technology, PCS is constantly addressing changing customer requirements and the latest trends. In Heidelberg, for example, there is also a noticeable increase in demand for wireless systems that can be used quickly and flexibly. In this context, PCS experts are usually able to clarify relatively quickly whether these wireless systems can be used simply and easily at the event in question, or whether wired solutions are the better option after all. Of course, these professional wireless solutions are also highly tap-proof, such as the BOSCH Dicentis or Televic Confidea microphone units available in large numbers at PCS.


The staff at the PCS branch office in Heilbronn, which serves Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar district, will be happy to answer any questions. It is very easy to make initial contact by e-mail – as a rule, mails are answered within an hour. PCS also operates its own 24-hour telephone hotline, which congress organizers, event organizers, consultant interpreters and companies from Heidelberg and the surrounding area can contact at any time.

Rent conference technology Heidelberg

Venues for events and congresses in Heidelberg
  •  Heidelberg City Hall – Heidelberg Congress Center
  • Heidelberg Center for American Studies – HCA
  • Conference Center at Heidelberg Technology Park
  • Old wine factory Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg community center
  • Heidelberg women's bath
  • Forum at the park
  • Prince Carl Palace
  • Portland Forum
  • Print Media Academy
  • Restaurant Wolf Well
  • Heidelberg Castle
  • Pantry 7
  • Studio Villa Bosch
  • Heidelberg freight station – halle02
The most important event hotels in Heidelberg
  •  Crowne Plaza Hotel Heidelberg
  • NH Heidelberg
  • Hotel Chester Heidelberg
  • European Court Heidelberg
  • Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg Marriott Hotel
  • Grenzhof Hotel & Restaurant
  • Excellence Hotel
The most important trade fairs in Heidelberg
  •  Jobunication Rhine-Neckar
  • Start-up fair
  • Love happiness Heidelberg
  • Trau Heidelberg
  • Off to the World Heidelberg Trade Fair
  • International AEK Cancer Congress
  • Tattoo Convention Heidelberg
  • German Pharm Tox Summit

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