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News from Intergrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019


Published: 06.02.2019

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) will take place in Amsterdam from February 5 to 8, 2019. ISE is the world's largest trade fair for AV media technology. Like every year, we will be there to network and check out the latest trends and developments in the industry. We will report here and maybe we will even see each other on site.

ISE 2019 is over, thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your interest – we hope it was something new for you! If we have made you curious and you would now like to know more, please write me briefly to berlin@konferenztechnik.de!

We have the fair – even if exhausting – again a lot of fun and had some surprises ready!
We say goodbye to ISE 2019 and Amsterdam after 4 exciting days!

Kindest regards
Your Jörg Peschka

Greetings from ISE 2019

+++ Live ticker for ISE 2019 +++ (Update: ISE 2019 is over and therefore our live ticker ends).

Shure Microflex – Wireless Discussion System


At the Shure booth, there is not only the new logo to admire (lettering now in green), but also the new wireless discussion system that is now ready for series production: the MXCW – Microflex Conference Wireless. PCS is already a certified Microflex dealer.

A new day at the ISE. Today we report again from our discoveries. Here we go...

Shure Microflex Complete – MXCIC Interpreter Station

Shure MXCIC DOLMETSCHERSPRECHSTELLE - Us has the fair – if exhausting again made a lot of fun and had some surprises ready!We say goodbye after 4 exciting days of the ISE 2019 and Amsterdam!

Shure continues to show the new Microflex Complete MXCIC interpreting console. The console fully complies with the new international ISO 20109 for interpretation equipment. We at PCS have been actively involved in the design of the ISO standard and have advocated the needs of rental companies.

Our first impressions of the console are very positive: the layout of the controls, the feel and look, the generally high-quality audio.


ISE 2019: New hearing-voice set for Beyerdynamic UNITE

A new headset for the UNITE pocket transmitter allows the – user to work professionally and comfortably, whether as a guide on a factory or city tour or as a – whisper interpreter.

ISE 2019: Beyerdynamic UNITE TH – handheld transmitter

Byerdynamic-UNITE_TH handheld transmitter

UNITE, Beyerdynamic's new conference and leadership system, is getting the final touches: In a few weeks, the handheld transmitter/handheld microphone will now also be available.


For stationary use of the UNITE as a conference system in a congress hall, a so-called access point is recommended. The stationary transmitter transmits the sound (original sound – also for barrier-free transmission – as well as interpretation channels) to the receivers of all listeners.


Induction loops for the coupling of hearing aids

beyerdynamic induction loop

To ensure barrier-free hearing, the UNITE receivers can also be operated with induction loops. The induction loops connect to the hearing aid via induction, i.e. wirelessly. This means that participants with hearing aids can also listen to lectures, speeches or presentations without any problems.

Charging bars for Beyerdynamic UNITE

Byerdynamic-UNITE charging bars

The 19-inch charging rail rounds off the range of UNITE components. Here, up to 12 receivers can be charged per charging rail. For larger numbers of receivers, you can simply mount several rails on top of each other, ideally perhaps in a rollcase/rollrack.

Remote Interpreting

Now we have seen here at ISE 2019 some newer hardware solutions to interpreter systems, there we stumble but – because still somewhat timidly hidden – also about a software solution to it.

The provider KUDO has developed software that allows interpreting services to be added to a conference remotely.


As we reported earlier on the subject of "remote interpreting" (simultaneous interpreting regardless of location), for some time now interpreters have been added to court hearings or medical care in order to ensure understanding.

With ever better data lines and corresponding standardization in the new standards such as ISO 20108, this remote interpreting should also be extended to the conference sector. In addition to various device solutions, software could also be used for this purpose.

New projector housing from Audipack


Audipack launches a very interesting standard housing for projectors. Areas of application are opera, theaters, universities, churches or other buildings where the fan noise should be extremely quiet. There are only a few parameters to consider when ordering. The housings can be delivered very quickly from the date of release.

Until today, housings for projectors were mostly complex custom-made products with long delivery times.

Update: Only the prototypes can be seen at the trade show so far. As soon as the housings are available for order, we will of course offer them. Just ask us!


In the interior very well to see: Cooling, fans as well as protection of the power supply. The bottom plate is extendable for service and exchange of the projectors.

Audipack Q-Fix projector mount

Audipack QFix projector mounts

More and more manufacturers offer projectors with standardized 4-point holes distributed rectangularly on the bottom. This is met by the new simpler bracket from Audipack, which allows easy and standardized mounting of the projectors

Audipack LED Display Wall Mounts


For lighter LED displays, there are now even easier wall mounting options: simply mount two rails to the right and left of the wall, attach two more rails to the monitor and then simply hang – done.


Audipack display floor stand with integrated soundbar


Floor stand with integrated soundbar. This looks good and is also an interesting option for playing audio in digital signage mode.

Audipack 800-series floor stand now 2 meters high

audipack ceiling floor stand 800 - We have the fair – although exhausting – again a lot of fun and had some surprises ready!We say goodbye after 4 exciting days of ISE 2019 and Amsterdam!

The Audipack 800-series stand is now 2 meters high as standard. Previously it had a height of 1.8 meters. The cable shaft at the rear has separate cable ducts that are closed with a cover flap.

Audipack silent 9600 – ISO certified interpreting booth


Anyone who has not yet sat in an ISO-certified interpreting booth can of course do so at the Audipack booth

At PCS, the new booths are available from stock. You can find more information here on our website: Buy interpreter booths


Thanks to Audipack for the great news. We are now moving on and will then report our next impressions.

Video technology: laser projectors, LED panels and more

There is still a lot going on in the video sector. The battle for luminosity and maximum brilliance and sharpness in projectors as well as LED walls is in full swing.


In the case of projectors, laser beamers dominate the range, while in the case of LED walls, the individual LEFs are becoming ever smaller and the beam angle ever larger. (Example Sony: see data sheet)


Battery-powered and rollable: Wireless info boards and displays from Lang

Very practical are the rollable, battery-powered monitors, which are wireless and flexible in their positioning as signposts and information boards and thus do their job perfectly.
These products come from Lang AG, for which we are an authorized dealer.


Impressions 3D projection mapping and large projections

3D Proketion Mapping-2
3D Proketion Mapping

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