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Bosch CCS 1000 D test result

Bosch advertises its new discussion system with the slogan "compact and versatile" and has not promised too much. The system is ideal for beginners because it is intuitive and easy to operate. Professionals do not have to do without features and additional functions.

The system is designed for small and medium meetings. The basic packages do not include long cable runs, supply lines or cables to bridge an aisle must be planned and ordered separately.


The microphone units

The microphone units are high quality, sturdy, stable and yet lightweight. The materials are plastic, which appear shock and scratch resistant and are easy to clean. Technically, the microphone units offer a lot. In particular, a high-quality feedback suppression – microphone and speaker can be operated simultaneously and without pairing and whistling.

Each microphone unit offers two functions "Possible to speak” display" and "Request to speak” display" (automatic waiting list), which are mainly used for well-rehearsed teams in company conference rooms.

Bosch-CCS-1000-D-detail test result 01
Product Name:
CCSD-DS delegate microphone short
CCSD-DL delegate microphone long


The base unit

The CU (Control Unit) is supplied in a plastic housing, Bosch does without a metal version as well as 19″ mounting rails and professional XLR connectors. The appearance, connectors and operation are more reminiscent of DVD players than UHF systems. Certainly the right choice for many corporate conference rooms. Here, the CU doesn't need to be installed in a media cart, but can easily be placed in and on cabinet furniture. For those who want to use the CU in a rental environment, we also offer the CU in a 19″ installation kit and with XLR patchbay. Simultaneous return channels are not available for international events and multilingual sessions.

Bosch-CCS-1000-D-CU-detail Test 02
Product Name:
CCSD-CURD Control Unit with audio recording and feedback suppression



The operation is done by means of membrane keys in a rough gradation. Audio feed (2x), microphone, microphone units (2 ways) can thus be "mixed" by means of CU. In the professional field, the technician will control the individual outputs with a separate audio mixer. In many conference rooms, however, the Bosch CU can certainly replace an additional mixing console.

Audio recording

Here we are all in agreement. This is a great solution. USB stick in, press record, take recording with you. Digital recording on internal memory: up to 8 hours, digital recording with 128GB USB stick: up to 4000 hours in good quality mp3 format.


CCURD-Bosch-CCS-1000-D Test result 03

1. USB (Mini)

2. audio out, four additional channels (single recording and courtroom application)

3. audio out (2 x sum)

4. audio in (2 x sum)

5. microphone input (XLR)

6. microphone units (2 circuits, DIN plug)

7. LAN connection (connection to Wlan, control and programming via PC, laptop, optional for wireless control).

8. power supply (external power supply unit)


Web operation via iPad and Co.

Bosch advertises the system with simple web operation. This is actually self-explanatory and intuitive for anyone who can operate a tablet. Microphone sharing and controls are easy for any meeting leader to operate on the side. Technicians and tech savvy people can also control HD cameras. Today, manufacturers can hardly get around tablet operation. What we like about the Bosch is that it's not just the technicians who benefit directly, but the chairman and all users where no technician is available. It's easier than ever with this system. What we also like is that the design is simple, all the elements are large. Bosch does not use too many graphics and icons, which makes it easier to use.


Areas of application

At large events, where we are surrounded by professional media technology, the new system from Bosch will not be our first choice. Everywhere else, you will have to think about it. It will be unbeatable for beginners and for all those who are thinking about buying a conference system for the first time. For corporate conference room equipment, it's ideal. Anyone who can operate DVD players and tablets, the Bosch CCS 1000 D can replace additional technology and technicians. Audio recording, camera control and new intelligent functions included. In rental, the system is interesting, due to its scalability and very well solved transport cases.



We wish Bosch all the best with this new system. The Bosch CCS 1000 D delivers what the manufacturer promises and can also shine on many points. Bosch makes use of modern technologies (simple integrated recording function, intelligent microphone control, effective feedback suppression) and that at prices in the entry-level segment. The home appearance and the external power supply of the control unit make it more difficult to use in the large rental business, but it is all the more suitable for company meetings and community halls. Here, Bosch now offers a system that can solve almost everything with flying colors.

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