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Bosch Dicentis IDESK – Interpreter Solutions

Bosch Dicentis IDESK interpreting console in the booth

The DICENTIS Interpreting Desk (I-DESK) is the new interpreting desk from Bosch. It is part of the Bosch Dicentis product family and extends it to the Dicentis Interpreter Solution System.
The DICENTIS interpreting console (I-DESK) is Bosch's response to the changing market requirements for interpreting technology in recent years. This includes support for up to 100 languages (particularly important at EU level), compliance with ISO standards for interpreting technology and the technical requirements for installations as well as system integration (Keyword: DANTE). The Dicentis interpreting system will go on sale in summer 2018. We have already compiled the most important functions and components of the system for you.

Highlights of the DICENTIS (I-DESK) interpreter console

[column size="1-2″ last="0″]Bosch Dicentis DCNM-IDESK front[/column]
[column size="1-2″ last="0″]Digital Interpreting Desk Bosch Dicentis Details[/column]
[column size="1-3″ last="1″]Dicentis IDESK detail view[/column]

[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Supports up to 100 languages[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]7-inch TFT display 800 * 480[/list]
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]HDMI video output for presentations or videos (DCNM-IDESKVID only)[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Seven inbound language relays and three outbound languages[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Built-in NFC reader to retrieve personal settings[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Three headphone outputs (two on the side and one on the bottom)[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Pluggable microphone[/list]
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Hearing protection with predefined headphones and headsets[/list].

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Model variants Dicentis IDESK and IDESKVID

Bosch Dicentis Interpreting DCNM-IDESKVID

The Bosch interpreter console will appear in two model variants: DICENTIS (I-DESK) and DICENTIS (IDESKVID). The I-DESK VID (=video) also has an HDMI video output. This makes it possible to connect a display to the interpreting console. Presentations, videos or image transmission can then be passed directly to the interpreters on the display. A standard CAT cable takes care of the feed.

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Other DICENTIS INTERPRETING Solution devices

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Bosch Dicentis Audio Powering Switch (APS) and Windows Server
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Bosch ServerOS with PC

Bosch's own ServerOS software is used to route signals, manage and control the connected devices, and process the resulting data. It is the heart of the Dicentis Interpreting Solution. Available from Bosch is a Windows server in rack format on which Bosch ServerOS is pre-installed and configured.

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Bosch Dicentis Audio Powering Switch (APS2)

The Audio Powering Switch (APS2) is also responsible for routing audio signals in the Dicentis system. In addition, it serves as a power supply and provides the necessary voltage for all devices integrated in the Dicentis system. The 4 XLR connectors (2 in, 2 out) can be used to feed external audio signals or output the audio to external sources.

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DICENTIS Software Modules

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Bosch Dicentis signal flow and system structure
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Via separately available software modules, the Dicentis system can be controlled and configured from the computer and integrated into DANTE systems.

DICENTIS System Server Software License (DCNM-LSYS)

Supports the DICENTIS interpreter desk and is helpful during installation and configuration.
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DICENTIS Simultaneous Interpreter License (DCNM-LIN)

Adds preparation and management features for simultaneous interpretation in the Bosch Meeting application:

Configuration: system, booth and interpreter desk configuration
Preparation: Definition of the required number of languages in a meeting
Management: remote control of interpreter consoles

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DICENTIS Dante Software License (DCNM-LSDANTE)

With this module it is possible to feed simultaneous channels from the Dicentis-IDESK directly into a DANTE system.
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When will the Bosch IDESK DICENTIS and Interpreter System be available?

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Bosch Dicentis DCNM-IDESKVID and all products

[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Product launch: ISE 2018 show (February 2018)[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Planned release date: Summer 2018[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Final integration of all features: Q2 2019[/list]

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