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Present wirelessly, collaboration made easy.

ClickShare wirelessly connects laptops and tablets (iOS / Android) to your conference room – video technology with the touch of a button!

Multiple participants can switch on their presentation with one click and share content, easier than ever.

No more black screens, wrong resolutions and page displays or missing connection cables!
Easily switch and share content to enable a whole new level of collaboration.

True to the motto "Bring Your Own Device”, ClickShare works with all common computer systems as well as on tablets and smartphones – via Plug & Play.

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Barco Clickshare Step 1

Connect the button to a USB port

With ClickShare, you can easily transfer content from your laptop or mobile device to a presentation screen.

Barco Clickshare Step 2

Click on the button to see the screen

With just one click, you can turn a meeting into an experience that brings ideas, content, and people together. No cables, configuration, or waiting for attendees.

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Share your work during the conference

Plug-in collaboration – with ClickShare your conferences will never be the same! By encouraging content sharing, conferences are elevated to a new level –one where great ideas are nurtured

ClickShare CS-100CLickShare1
The CS-100 Base Unit includes standard ClickShare security features, including encryption, login management, HTTPS, and the ability to hide the Base Unit's wireless network SSID.

Wireless stand-alone presentation system for small meeting rooms

The CS-100 Base Unit is a standalone model with an HDMI output. Up to eight users can connect, one at a time sharing their content.

ClickShare CSE-200CLickShare1
The CSE-200 Base Unit is designed for larger organizations that require advanced security features, more connectivity options such as AirPlay and Google Cast for non-HDCP content, and centralized management. With the CSE-200 Base Unit, up to two people can view content side-by-side at the same time – this enables direct broadcast to the central screen and improves collaboration. To contribute to the user experience, the CSE-200's security features can be set to one of three predefined levels, depending on the organization's policies and requirements. Last but not least, integration of the device into the corporate network is made much easier via the API.

Wireless presentation system for standard meeting rooms

The CSE-200 Base Unit enables the ClickShare experience in small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Anyone, including guests, can connect with one click and share content instantly – no training is required. Attendees simply plug the USB device – the ClickShare Button – into their PC or Mac and press the button to view content from their laptop on the big screen in the meeting room. Users can also share content from their smartphones or tablets using the ClickShare app.

ClickShare CSE-800CLickShare1
Dual network connections allow separate and simultaneous connections to multiple networks (e.g., guest and corporate networks), providing additional security and user convenience. With up to eight people able to share content simultaneously, the CSE-800 enables direct broadcast to the central screen and improves collaboration.

The moderation feature is specifically designed for use in larger rooms where multiple people want to broadcast their content at the same time. To prevent switching between screens too quickly, a moderator can manually select which content to broadcast and when to broadcast it, simplifying content tracking and providing a great experience for all participants.

To contribute to ease of use, the CSE-800's security features can be set to one of three predefined levels, depending on company policies and requirements.

Wireless system for presentations and collaboration in boardrooms and conference rooms

The CSE-800 has two HDMI inputs and outputs. This allows a direct connection to legacy systems and makes it easy to integrate into conference systems. In addition, two UHD displays with 4K quality can be controlled from a single base unit.


Button and tray in package

Button and tray in package

Collaboration doesn't work alone. You need at least two people, so it's always a good idea to have several ClickShare buttons available in meeting rooms.

ClickShare wireless button; ClickShare switch tray

ClickShare App

ClickShare app

App for sharing iOS or Android content

The ClickShare app enables easy and intuitive content sharing with the click of a virtual button on any iOS or Android device.

ClickShare Management Suite

ClickShare Management Suite

Central management of all ClickShares in the company

  • Status monitoring
  • Software update planning
  • User management
  • Simplify the integration of ClickShare Base Units into the corporate network
  • Clone configuration
  • Remote installation of wallpapers

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