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Green AV in conference rooms, offices, event venues – Backgrounds

A woman stands at the apartment door and switches electricity before she leaves the apartment. Next to it is written: "Switch off - switch on! Actually quite simple, just a bit new and unusual. Energy efficiency in the conference and IT environment."

Identifying and exploiting power-saving potential in the conference and IT environment

1. green IT

Wherever the use of information and communication technologies reduces the burden on the environment compared to previous solutions, we talk about Green IT. Here, the focus is on being able to manage the rapidly increasing energy demand through digital devices.

2. green through IT

Reducing energy costs through the use of IT: in our day-to-day work, this refers primarily to the energy-saving use of video conferencing and digital events and presence detection in rooms in order to control consumers there fully automatically.

3. sensitize and involve all stakeholders

The biggest success factor is people. When employees, managers and supervisors are jointly sensitized to energy-efficient behavior and involved in efficiency measures.

4. measure, evaluate and adapt existing infrastructure

In order to reduce one's own electricity consumption, the first step is to take a well-founded inventory. Today, individual power circuits can be easily measured. What is happening on the floors and in individual rooms? How high is our base load and is our electricity bill actually correct? You will certainly be surprised! Especially in SMEs, doubts persist about one's own actual savings potential.

5. take energy efficiency into account in procurement

No time to save time, no money to save money? Federal and state governments offer good support to borrow money for energy efficiency and good consultants and service providers – like us 😉 – support efficiently.

6. use energy saving mode and shutdown

Disconnecting devices from the mains is most effective, but not possible everywhere and often time-consuming. Where switching off is not possible, we turn our attention to intelligent energy-saving mode. Hybrid stand-by mode on computers is a mixture of hibernation and stand-by. Minimal power flows to keep data in memory and on the hard drive, and the rest of the components are off. Devices are quickly and safely (avoiding data loss) available, the hybrid stand-by quickly activated and deactivated.

7. central device landscape and central power management

Desktop PC, notebook or thin client? Moving away from the classic computer landscape with fully equipped PC workstations offers high savings potential not only in terms of energy consumption, but above all in terms of administrative effort. Solutions with cloud computing, server-based computing, thin clients are fantastic solutions. "Dumb" and thus energy-saving clients (terminals) use the resources of powerful servers. Energy and administrator expenditures can be reduced – quite often – around 50 %, the requirements to the IT security thereby more simply realized.

8. consider data management

Double holds better! Yes, but it also requires more effort. Optimized data management saves computing power and unnecessary energy. Understanding data, data flow and data landscapes is a success factor and an increasingly important part of organizational thinking and corporate strategies.

9. use architecture

Energy-efficient, flexible and architecturally appealing buildings are the basis of what we do. What is energy-efficient as well as user-friendly? How do we integrate sustainable technology into such buildings, how do we design it in from the outset? Server rooms, AV and office technology can be cooled not only by electricity: Air flows can be directed, solar radiation and technology insulation can be optimized. Energy-efficient cooling of rooms and technology is an important task for a livable future.

10. all together now

Wherever we are involved, we see honest commitment. Manufacturers, industry associations and politicians are working specifically on solutions. Implementation on a small scale usually meets with resistance due to complexity and additional effort. Change can only be implemented – as directly as possible with all stakeholders. Green IT and Green AV must be exemplified and communicated wherever possible.

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