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ISE 2020 News Ticker from PCS Conference Technology

++ Update: ISE 2020 is over.

Today the trade show ends and with it our news ticker for this year. We thank you for your attention and the exciting days at the fair. Of course, you can purchase the presented products after their release via our sales department. We will keep you up to date about releases and innovations here on our website.


Best regards from Amsterdam,

Jörg Peschka

Welcome to our website

We welcome you from Amsterdam to this year's news ticker from ISE 2020. We will publish our impressions and highlights from the show here in the next few days. If you have any questions or suggestions, just get in touch with me. We are looking forward to some exciting days at the show!


Your Jörg Peschka.

++ Friday, 14.02.2020

Bye bye Amsterdam! ISE 2020 is coming to an end.

Good conversations, networking, great products, exciting advancements, more IT and networking.


We say goodbye to Amsterdam as a valued host! The show has experienced such a boom in recent years that the Amsterdam exhibition center has become too small. Next year we will therefore report from Barcelona, where ISE 2021 will welcome us.


The PCS hotel contingent is already booked, we are looking forward! ...

++ 3D-HDR projections at Lang AG

hdr-3d projection

Impressive images, films and projections with 3D effect are shown here at our partner, Lang AG. Images layered with HDR technology create a truly impressive realistic spatial impression (must be experienced live!).

++ Last day of ISE 2020

The last day of the trade fair has begun. Today it's time to take another look at everything we haven't managed to do in the last few days. Traditionally, there is always a very special and relaxed atmosphere on the last day. We therefore start the afternoon today with a freshly tapped Kölsch at our partner Lang AG and wish you a happy Valentine's Day 🙂


++ Thursday, 13.02.2020

++ Audipack: Cryo and Sahara Outdoor Housing


Audipack introduces new outdoor housings for projectors. These are thermo-insulated, rainproof and protect against dust and pollution with HEPA filters. The Kryo model is suitable for cold environments and is equipped with heating, the Sahara model is equipped with air conditioning and protection from high solar radiation for particularly warm environments.

++ Digital Signage: Smart Metals

Digital Signage Smart Metals

Simple digital signage stands from Smart Metals that are very quick to set up and get up and running.

++ It's about to start again...

++ Wednesday, 12.02.2020

++ Audipack special designs: Touch Display Stands


Audipack is showing a height adjustable table stand with a built in 86″ touch display. This was a custom design for a German customer. Contact us if you have your own project ideas.

++ Sony and Panasonic: LED projections and touch displays

Sony LED projection

Panasonic and Sony are playing: Various application run on the touchscreens and the LED projections are getting finer, smoother and have a higher and higher resolution. Very impressive...


++ Barco: ClickShare Conference presented

Barco ClickShare Conference

Barco presents at its booth the new wireless conference system ClickShare Conference. With the new ClickShare it is possible to connect wirelessly with your own device (laptop, cell phone, tablet...) to the audio and video technology in the conference room. In addition, it is now possible to maintain your own wireless meetings with other colleagues at the touch of a button. The new ClickShares will be available soon. We will report then on our website.

More information about the system can be found on the Barco website.

++ RSI and ISO 24019

We used the time at ISE to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere about the new ISO standard on RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting), which is still to be finalized. The interpreting associations such as BDÜ/VKD and AIIC, the chief interpreter of the European Parliament, manufacturers of conference technology, platform providers for software solutions and we as the global representative of conference technology rental companies are currently working very diligently on this ISO 24019.

++ Day 2 of the ISE

Well slept – in a good mood we are off to day two of the ISE!

++ Tuesday, 11.02.2020

++ Bosch: Exclusive Partner Meeting

ISE 2020 Bosch Exclusive Partner Meeting

At the Bosch Exclusive Partner Meeting, we were able to end the first day of the trade fair in a relaxed atmosphere with live music and a flying dinner. Thanks again to the Bosch team for the successful evening and the always good cooperation!

++ Bosch: Sneak preview of the new Dicentis installation stations


In addition to the built-in version of the Bosch-Dicentis intercoms, there is now a nice extension for double delegate intercoms. Very chic! Display adjustable, high-quality buttons,
Volume control haptically very good, surfaces according to customer requirements. This variant is brand new and no price or final type designation has been set yet. After passing the EMC test, the sale goes.

++ Beyerdynamic: UNITE handheld transmitter and charging case

Beyerdynamic UNITE handheld transmitter and charging case

The UNITE is now also available with handheld transmitter and corresponding charging station. Soon so also with us in the rental.

++ Beyerdynamic: Growing together


Since its foundation, PCS has been working closely with the Beyerdynamic company. We have been renting Beyerdynamic technology for years and have just invested in the future with UNITE. This year's Beyerdynamic booth motto "Growing together" actually fits quite well.

++ Beyerdynamic: New UNITE planning tools

UNITE-Beyerdynamic planning software

Beyerdynamic shows new planning tools for the UNITE system. The tools and case studies can be accessed via the Beyerdynamic website.

++ Greetings from the Audipack booth

ISE 2020 Aduipack booth - Today the trade show ends and with it our news ticker for this year. We thank you for your attention and the exciting days at the fair. Of course, you can purchase the presented products from our sales department after the show. We will keep you up to date on releases and innovations here on our website.

A reunion at the booth with Stephan Worst from Audipack.

++ Audipack: Floorstands available in black


The Audipack Floorstands of the 700, 800 and 900 series will also be available with black steals in the future. These are made of black anodized aluminum, so they are resistant to scratches. We will inform as soon as the stands are available.

++ Audipack: New foldable floor stand


Audipack introduces a new floor stand. This is particularly suitable for preview displays. It is lightweight, foldable and thus flexible to use. Place it on the stage, on the podium or in the middle of a panel. Models with or without castors are available.

++ Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) topic at ISE


Remote interpreting is also on everyone's lips at ISE. Different approaches will be presented as to how remote interpreting can be technically implemented.

++ ISE 2020 is open

ISE 2020 is officially open! We are already excited about what there is to discover. Now we're going to jump into the fray...

ISE 2020 in Amsterdam PCS
(Gunnar Hermenau, Management PCS/Jörg Peschka, Management PCS (f.l.t.r.))

++ Monday, 10.02.2020

++ Beyerdynamic Partner Meeting

UNITE-Beyerdynamic Partner Meeting

The Beyerdynamic Partner Meeting 2020 is all about UNITE. UNITE is the new digital communication system from Beyerdynamic. It can be used as a tour guide system, for factory tours, for whispered interpretation or as a conference receiver for conferences with simultaneous interpreters.

PCS has always provided expert support for the development of this plant.
We are one of the first rental companies to invest in this technology on a large scale. From now on, you can also rent the UNITE system in larger quantities from PCS.

Our sales department has also already successfully sold UNITE systems to well-known customers.

Special highlights of the system: Very high range due to DECT transmission technology, the possibility to ask questions directly via the receiver (talkback function), up to 256 channels in parallel operation, of course also tap-proof. You can find more information about the system here:

++ Tonight to the meeting at Beyerdynamic

After the stimulating day at Shure, I'm off to the meeting at Beyerdynamic this evening. I'm looking forward to hearing what's new there.

++ Shure MXCIC Interpreter Stations and MXCM Interpreter Stations


PCS is considering investing in the new and ISO-certified Shure MXCIC interpreter consoles (interpreter microphone units) in the near future. We were convinced by the functions and handling, but also by the overall concept of the Shure conference system. In our opinion, Shure offers very good, comprehensive and user-friendly control software for its conference systems. And, in contrast to other manufacturers, without complicated additional and licensing costs. Together with the MXCW wireless microphone units, Shure offers a great system that we have already installed in a large number of installation projects.

The MXCW voice terminals have received a software update. They have been supplemented with extensive voting functions. In addition, the microphone units now offer a dual delegate function. If two participants share a microphone unit, they can now listen to two different interpretation channels in parallel and use all functions in their language.

++ Shure SCN Rental Meeting

In the run-up to the show, the Shure SCN Rental Meeting is taking place today. PCS Konferenztechnik has been invited together with 24 other companies from the rental sector. New products will be presented and experiences will be exchanged. These meetings are also interesting because we as rental companies can share many practical application examples with the Shure developers. Suggestions often find their way directly into the development of the products.

++ Do not forget to wash your hands

Mass in Ziten of the Coronavirus
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is also a much discussed topic at ISE Amsterdam – and we have taken precautions accordingly. More than 50 Chinese companies unfortunately have to stay away from the show this year due to travel regulations. This is a pity, because in the last years always very innovative ideas from the region were shown. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to visiting the fair and there are still more than 1,250 exhibitors on site. We wish our Chinese colleagues all the best and hope to see you again next year.

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