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Hybrid meeting rooms for video conferencing


Hybrid meeting rooms for video conferencing – optimal conditions in the room and for the connected participants

1.20 m is our ideal dimension in modern conference rooms – for video conferences and zoom meetings. It is the target dimension for the so-called PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom). A person sitting at a table is thus optimally captured frontally by the camera. PTZ cameras are not new. We find them in meeting rooms and at conferences as well as at large events. PTZ cameras are also known as DOME cameras, as many models are housed in dome-like housings.
In a conference room, we show an example of the optimal height of a PTZ camera with 1.20 meters
The harmonious use of PTZ cameras in conference rooms.

What is new is that the automatic control, the focus adjustment and the selection of the image section now function flawlessly and reliably. function. The cameras automatically pan to the active speaking, focus on faces, change to preset camera positions and positions and automatically change the image section after the speech to a complete automatically back to a complete view of the room (wide shot) or focus on the focus on the person chairing the meeting. These functions can be programmed intelligently or set manually using presets.

With an Extron media control system, all devices in the room can be easily operated via touch screens, and common video conferencing software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx) can also be controlled.
The large, round table is also an ideal setup for integrating remote participants.
We have here the PTZ camera AW-UE70 from Panasonic at use. The great technical features include very good light sensitivity sensitivity, an excellent optical zoom and smooth braking and acceleration of the and smooth deceleration and acceleration of the camera movement. Anyone who has already camera will recognize the attentiveness behind it. Thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet), it needs no additional power supply.
The large, round table is also an ideal setup for integrating remote participants.
Each seat is equipped with a wireless table station of the Shure MXCW Series equipped. This system we have already praised several times in other place and described. The use of microphones is mandatory when connecting remote participants. And microphones – are also recommended for communication within the room, even for smaller meetings –. By slightly amplifying the voice, the participants are noticeably relieved: on the one hand, people do not have to speak as loudly, which is easier on the voice, and on the other hand, listeners understand what is being said much better. This allows them to listen in a relaxed manner, even over longer periods of time.
Square, pragmatic, good. In the media cube we designed, all components can be exchanged flexibly and easily. All cable routing is concealed.

In a modern hybrid conference room, we consider three ways of communication. First, the communication of the participants within a room. Second, communication to the outside and from the outside into the room. Third, the communication of the people with the technology. The requirement here is: many possibilities, high flexibility and quality with an intuitive and simple usability. This is succeeding better and better, because AI and the technical solutions of the manufacturers are often simple and ingenious. In addition, the know-how of the participants is increasing. Professional conferencing is a future skill.

All photos in the article are taken from an installation that PCS showed at the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland completed in May 2021. Thank you very much for the nice project and the pleasant cooperation. We wish relaxed conferencing.

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