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Conference stations for rent Berlin, conference systems and discussion equipment for rent in Berlin

Intercom stations for rent Berlin
Shure Microflex Series Intercom Station

Shure Microflex Complete – Discussion System

The modern, simple design is shapely and discreet and fits both in...

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wireless conference call station type Televic Confidea G4

Televic Confidea G4 – Discussion unit

The Confidea G4 wireless conferencing system is the predecessor of the Flex system and...

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Wireless conference call station Televic Confidea Flex

Televic Confidea Flex – Discussion unit

The Confidea Flex system can be easily adapted to versatile application scenarios. From...

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Bosch Dicentis conference call station with gooseneck microphone and a small display for additional information and data input

Bosch Dicentis – discussion unit

Thanks to high flexibility and easy installation, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is suitable...

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Conference call station Sennheiser ADN wireless

Sennheiser ADN – discussion unit

The ADN conference system is equipped with efficient feedback suppression. It...

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Beyerdynamic Quinta conference call station, wireless, with gooseneck microphone

Beyerdynamic Quinta – discussion unit

The Beyerdynamic Quinta system is designed for meetings, conferences, video and press conferences, courtrooms...

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Bosch Discussion Next Generation microphone unit with language selector to allow interpreted languages to be called up at the microphone unit

Bosch Discussion – discussion unit

DCN conferencing solutions are characterized by their versatility and offer high audio...

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Microphone station type Bosch CCS 1000 d

BOSCH CCS 1000 D – Discussion unit

The CCS 1000 D impresses with simplicity without sacrificing technical innovations....

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You need table microphone units, discussion or conference systems for your event in Berlin? At PCS-Konferenztechnik you have a wide range of wireless and wired table microphones to choose from, which you can rent simply and easily.


We supply, install and maintain the systems and thus ensure successful communication at your event in Berlin. The conference systems we use are reliable, professional and stand for the highest quality. With our warehouse in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we have very short travel distances to the most important Berlin locations and event venues and can therefore guarantee fast and flexible delivery.

Wide selection for rental – our system manufacturers at a glance

View of a row of conference tables prepared for a meeting, stocked with writing materials, drinks as well as wireless conference call stations - everything seems ready for a conference.

Rent microphone units and conference systems from these manufacturers from us in Berlin:

The right conference system for every application

Intercom stations and discussion systems are used at various events. Typical applications are parliamentary rounds, board or company meetings, events with panel discussions, meetings with telephone and video conferences, court hearings, EU works council meetings (EWC ) etc. With us you will find the suitable conference system for your purposes.

You need table microphone units, discussion or conference systems for your event in Berlin? At PCS-Konferenztechnik you have a wide range of wireless and wired table microphones to choose from, which you can rent simply and easily.

What are microphone units and what do they do?

Talking stations are table microphones that should not be missing at any conference or meeting. They provide maximum speech intelligibility, comfort and orderly dialogue during discussion-rich meetings – both in small, medium and large table rounds.


Each subscriber usually has his own microphone unit on his desk, which he can activate independently as required. A control center manages the systems. Depending on the model, there are additional special functions that facilitate communication. These include:

At PCS-Konferenztechnik you can rent wired or wireless microphone units in Berlin. The conference systems can be easily and quickly connected to an existing sound system or used directly with the built-in speakers.


Other systems and providers on request!

More technology from our rental pool

On request, we offer full service for our systems: delivery, assembly and disassembly and support of the systems.

Wireless or wired? Which system is right for you?

Whether you would be better off renting a wireless or wired call station depends entirely on your requirements and the room situation. Because each system has its advantages:

Wireless microphone units

Wired Intercom stations

Would you like a little more? Combine microphone units and conference systems with additional conference technology

If required, combine our microphone units and conference systems with other equipment, such as public address systems, interpreter systems, interpreter booths or similar conference technology. It is also possible at any time to expand your own existing systems with suitable equipment from our extensive rental pool. Just ask us. Our Berlin project planners will be happy to advise you.

Where we use call stations in Berlin

Places where conferences, events and meetings take place for which our customers rent microphone units and interpreting equipment in Berlin:

  • Messages
  • Federal Ministries
  • Associations
  • Hotels
  • Event Halls. Locations that we regularly supply in Berlin are: Messe Berlin
  • Reichstag
  • Estrel Berlin – Hotel & Congress Center
  • Hotel Adlon. But also Gendarmenmarkt
  • Station Berlin
  • Hilton-Berlin
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Federal Ministry of Economy
  • Estrel
  • andel's Hotel Berlin. We are also often at the Hotel Interconti
  • DBB Forum
  • Cafe Moscow
  • Cosmos
  • Axica
  • Transformer station
  • Gasometer
  • Environmental Forum
  • Hangar Tempelhof
  • ICC and in many more.
A selection of the interpreting equipment you can rent in our Berlin branch office

We have the following technology permanently available in our Berlin branch:

  • Interpreter booths
  • Speaker booths
  • Tour Guide Systems
  • PFAs
  • Pefas
  • Guidance systems
  • Infrared receiver
  • Radio receiver
  • Desktop microphone units
  • Wireless microphone units
  • Interpreter systems
  • Interpreting systems
  • Headsets
  • Conference Receiver
  • Whispering systems
  • and much more.

We have, among others, the following systems in our offer if you want to rent interpreting equipment:

  • Bosch DCN
  • Bosch DCN Next Generation
  • Bosch Dicentis
  • Sennheiser Tour Guide 2020
  • Beyerdynamic Synexis
  • Sennheiser EK 1039 or others.

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If you have any questions, just contact Gunnar Hermenau at: 030 6959690 14 or by e-mail.