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Conference and discussion equipment rental Bielefeld –

veranstaltungstechnik bielefeld - And yet it does exist – the city of Bielefeld. And its numerous congress and conference venues in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, steeped in history.
Shure Microflex Series Intercom Station

Shure Microflex Complete – Discussion System

The modern, simple design is shapely and discreet and fits both in...

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wireless conference call station type Televic Confidea G4

Televic Confidea G4 – Discussion unit

The Confidea G4 wireless conferencing system is the predecessor of the Flex system and...

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Wireless conference call station Televic Confidea Flex

Televic Confidea Flex – Discussion unit

The Confidea Flex system can be easily adapted to versatile application scenarios. From...

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Bosch Dicentis conference call station with gooseneck microphone and a small display for additional information and data input

Bosch Dicentis – discussion unit

Thanks to high flexibility and easy installation, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is suitable...

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Conference call station Sennheiser ADN wireless

Sennheiser ADN – discussion unit

The ADN conference system is equipped with efficient feedback suppression. It...

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Beyerdynamic Quinta conference call station, wireless, with gooseneck microphone

Beyerdynamic Quinta – discussion unit

The Beyerdynamic Quinta system is designed for meetings, conferences, video and press conferences, courtrooms...

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Bosch Discussion Next Generation microphone unit with language selector to allow interpreted languages to be called up at the microphone unit

Bosch Discussion – discussion unit

DCN conferencing solutions are characterized by their versatility and offer high audio...

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Microphone station type Bosch CCS 1000 d

BOSCH CCS 1000 D – Discussion unit

The CCS 1000 D impresses with simplicity without sacrificing technical innovations....

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And it does exist – the city of Bielefeld. And its numerous congress and conference venues in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, steeped in history.

We at PCS Konferenztechnik are happy to equip you with the appropriate conference systems such as table microphone units, microphone chains and interpreter booths. More than 20 years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers make us a sovereign partner when it comes to conference technology.

Whether microphone units with or without cable – depending on the requirements of your meeting or conference, different discussion systems are suitable, which we can discuss with you in a consultation. In addition to comprehensive technical advice, you will receive an individual offer from us. As we always keep a wide range of discussion units in stock at our headquarters in Düsseldorf, we also guarantee fast delivery. This means that you are at the right address with us even in the case of discussion rounds scheduled at short notice.

You can always expect flawless technology – Quality and reliability are a matter of course for us. Our microphone units and conference systems are regularly maintained and tested.


Rent microphone units from PCS Konferenztechnik – models and features

There are wired and wireless microphone units, which are more or less suitable depending on the type of event. Table microphones without cables are used when special flexibility in seating or a quick set-up, change and dismantling are required. They are also chic, modern and contemporary – as are our gooseneck microphones. These are very comfortable for speakers due to their long and movable neck. Microphone chains are speaking stations connected by cables, which are good for very large rounds or even rounds that last several days, as there are no batteries to recharge.

For multilingual conferences, we offer microphone units with channel selectors for translations transmitted directly from the interpreter booth. Integrated loudspeakers on the microphone units themselves provide the good sound. However, the sound can just as well be provided by an external system.

Various software solutions complement the functionalities of the – microphone units, including the control of audio and video recordings. A connected dome camera visualizes the active microphone unit precisely and in real time and thus always has the respective speaker in view. Transmitted to a screen or monitor, the audience or even discussion participants can see the speaker better, especially in very large rounds. Speech stations guarantee a better understanding of speech and an orderly speaker discipline. Combined with further technology your meeting, conference or assembly promises to be a success.

View of a row of conference tables prepared for a meeting, stocked with writing materials, drinks as well as wireless conference call stations - everything seems ready for a conference.

Intercom stations rent Münster with our manufacturers

events berlin – And it does exist – the city of Bielefeld. And its numerous congress and conference venues in the middle of the historic Teutoburg Forest.
Venues for events and congresses in Bielefeld
  • Bielefeld City Hall
  • Bielefeld velodrome
  • Roundhouse Bielefeld
  • Ravensberg Park
  • Ravensberg spinning mill
  • Weissenberg dance school
  • SchücoArena – Alm Stadium / Bielefeld Alm, Lenkwerk
  • Seidensticker Hall
  • House Neuland
  • Youth Guest House and Education Center Bielefeld
  • ecos-office-center Bielefeld
  • Bethel Conference Center
  • Technology Center Bielefeld
  • Adult Education Center Bielefeld
  • House Salem
  • Educational center Eischingen
The most important event hotels in Bielefeld
  • Park Inn by Radisson Bielefeld
  • Hotel Bielefelder Hof
  • Casual Hotel Bielefeld
  • Golden Tulip Hotel Bielefeld City
  • Arcadia Hotel Bielefeld
  • Brackweder Hof
  • Brenner Hotel
  • Forest Hotel Brands Busch
  • Quality Hotel
  • Büscher's Hotel
The most important trade fair dates in Bielefeld
  • Bike fair
  • vocatium East Westphalia-Lippe
  • IT&MEDIA FUTUREcongress Bielefeld
  • Your eigenART Bielefeld
  • Wedding Fair & Festivities Bielefeld
  • Career Day Family Business Bielefeld
  • job fair bielefeld
  • Games world in Bielefeld
  • handmade Bielefeld
  • bpt Bielefeld
  • real estate fair bielefeld
  • Bielefeld Real Estate Days
  • Design Summit Bielefeld
  • JuBi Bielefeld
  • mobil & fit Bielefeld
  • OKMB
  • wbv symposium
  • Pure food culture

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