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Interpreting equipment hire Heidelberg – Interpreting systems, whispering cases and other simultaneous interpreting equipment in the Rhine-Neckar Region

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Interpreting and conference equipment for hire in Heidelberg

International congress, academic conference or corporate event with participants from different countries: Interpreting technology for hire is used on a wide variety of occasions in Heidelberg, with PCS offering a wide range of equipment and systems. PCS provides complete interpreting systems, such as the Bosch Next Generation DCN NG system, as well as individual components, such as the DT 394 interpreting headset from Beyerdynamic or the LBB 4512/00 infrared illuminator from Bosch, which covers areas of up to 2600 m². When it comes to interpreter booths, PCS in Heidelberg primarily rents out the ISO-standardized Silent 9300 series booths from the Dutch manufacturer Audipack, which are now the industry standard and offer simultaneous interpreters the best possible workstations.

Cost-saving alternative to interpreter booths?

As a cost-saving alternative to interpreting booths, whispering cases or whispering systems are sometimes used, in which the interpreter often sits at the conference table. Whispering systems are usually only useful for shorter assignments of simultaneous interpreters, especially since they only allow for highly concentrated work over longer periods of time to a very limited extent. Among the whispering systems used by PCS in Heidelberg are the 2020-D digital tour guide system from Sennheiser and the Synexis visitor guidance system from Beyerdynamic.

All simultaneous technology rented from PCS in Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar district is routinely maintained by PCS and regularly BGV A3 inspected. Before each rental, the equipment and systems are hygienically cleaned and 100 percent tested for functionality.

The rental of interpreting technology in Heidelberg is associated with a wide range of consulting and services that organizing interpreters, event agencies, technical service providers, congress organizers and companies from all sectors are happy to take advantage of. PCS helps to select the most suitable systems for the event in question and draws up customized offers. In addition, PCS project consultants actively support their customers in event planning. The services provided by PCS in connection with the rental of interpreting technology in the Rhine-Neckar district include, among other things, the delivery and set-up of the systems at the event location as well as the supervision of the ongoing event by trained personnel.

Interpreting technology offers more opportunities for hearing and visually impaired people

Interpreting technology provided by PCS is used on the one hand at international events, such as those held at the Kongresshaus Heidelberg or the Conference Center in the Heidelberg Technology Park. On the other hand, the field of accessibility is also a rapidly growing area of application for interpreting technology: For example, people with poor hearing can be better integrated into discussion events or theater performances by transmitting speaker signals directly to hearing aids using induction loops. At movie shows, an extra channel can be set up for people with severely impaired vision, on which a speaker comments on the action taking place on the screen (keyword audio description).

Heidelberg and the entire Rhine-Neckar district are served by the PCS branch office in Heilbronn. If you have any questions about interpreting technology, PCS staff will be happy to answer them by e-mail or phone.

Interpreting equipment hire Heidelberg

Venues for events and congresses in Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg City Hall – Heidelberg Congress Center
  • Heidelberg Center for American Studies – HCA
  • Conference Center at Heidelberg Technology Park
  • Old wine factory Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg community center
  • Heidelberg women's bath
  • Forum at the park
  • Prince Carl Palace
  • Portland Forum
  • Print Media Academy
  • Restaurant Wolf Well
  • Heidelberg Castle
  • Pantry 7
  • Studio Villa Bosch
  • Heidelberg freight station – halle02
The most important event hotels in Heidelberg
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Heidelberg
  • NH Heidelberg
  • Hotel Chester Heidelberg
  • European Court Heidelberg
  • Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg
  • Heidelberg Marriott Hotel
  • Grenzhof Hotel & Restaurant
  • Excellence Hotel
The most important trade fairs in Heidelberg
  • Jobunication Rhine-Neckar
  • Start-up fair
  • Love happiness Heidelberg
  • Trau Heidelberg
  • Off to the World Heidelberg Trade Fair
  • International AEK Cancer Congress
  • Tattoo Convention Heidelberg
  • German Pharm Tox Summit

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