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Who are you? We work for a wide variety of customers and know the demands, zeitgeist and development of the industries.


We serve all sectors of conference and media technology and are among the market leaders in simultaneous, interpreting and multilingual events.

We always try to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our fair and cooperative approach is the guarantee for your successful project and the strategic basis of our long-term success.


We do not bite. And we don't annoy – well, sometimes we do. Now and then. Rarely. Almost never.


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Rent a tour guide system: Rent tour guide systems, guide systems, PFAs fast and flexible.

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Rent a tour guide system

Renting tour guide systems is completely uncomplicated: At PCS you can rent tour guide systems, guide systems, whisper systems or PFAs easily and quickly. The tour guide systems are suitable for factory tours, city tours – i.e. tours of all kinds. They can also be used for whispered interpreting, i.e. when multilingualism is required.

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Sennheiser tour guide

[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Chin bar receiver[/list]
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Up to six channels or groups simultaneously[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Handy charging cases[/list]
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Beyerdynamic Synexis
Guide systems rent Berlin Beyerdynamic Synexis

[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Various application scenarios[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Up to eight channels/groups in parallel[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Headphones or single earphones[/list].
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Interpreter booths
interpreter booth rentals

[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]For simultaneous interpreters[/list].
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]compliant with standards: ISO certified[/list]
[list icon="moon-checkmark" color="#a62055″]Soundproof[/list]
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Mobile and flexible

Our people guidance systems are mobile and flexible. At PCS, there are no minimum quantities to be purchased. Customers receive exactly the number of units they need from us. We will be happy to advise you on this.
The PFAs basically consist of transmitting microphone and receivers. Contributions of a speaker can thus be optimally transmitted to a group with several participants, is well understood – even with street noise or loud production noises. Several microphones and thus several groups can be used in parallel. The use is possible for both very small and large groups.

Always well maintained and immediately ready for use

Our personnel guidance systems are always "ready to go", i.e. can be used immediately. Before the systems leave our warehouse, a conscientious function test is carried out. All batteries are fresh, the accumulators fully charged. Of course, the equipment is hygienically cleaned before use. So you can start immediately and concentrate fully on your event.

services and support

We take care of the entire transport logistics. You simply tell us when and where you want the plant delivered. We will send the plant to you on time by courier and pick it up again at your desired location. And that, of course, nationwide.
If you need help with the use of the equipment, our trained technicians will be happy to provide telephone support – of course we offer a 24-hour hotline.

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Our local contacts:

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Rent guide system

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Buy guidance system

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Installation and integration

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PCS Conference Technology

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We are looking forward to your application!

Just send us a short application by e-mail to: Gunnar Hermenau

Please send us your application as a PDF file. It would be nice to have a short letter of motivation, a CV and – if available – relevant references.

If you have any questions, just contact Gunnar Hermenau at: 030 6959690 14 or by e-mail.